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About This Site

Looking for destination ideas for your next adventure ride? You’ve found the right spot.

As a fairly new ADV rider, I sometimes find it difficult to “pick the next spot.” So I created this site as a resource; a place to share ideas about rides, while leaving you as much “adventure” as possible. Here are some of the main goals of the site.

Less Is More

This site really isn’t designed for ride reports. Our aim is to provide you with an interesting, scenic or challenging location, and maybe a few tips along the way. Your job is to plan your route.

Easy Navigation

There are several forums that provide areas for ride reports, but they are often hard to navigate and finding relevant rides is difficult. This site provides a quick and easy way to find all rides near where you want to go.

About Our Photos

You’ll notice posts have most photos hidden by default. This keeps the ride an “adventure” for those who’d rather not see, while providing a peek for those who aren’t worried about a spoiler.

We Need Your Destinations

Do you have a destination (or two, or three) you’d like to share? Please complete this short form and we’ll be in touch asap.

Have Ideas for Improvement?

We welcome all comments. If you’d like to see a feature added or changed, feel free to let us know by completing our contact form.

– Ron Reid, Curator

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